Serena Gleklen

Since January 2020 Serena has served Purple in the Human Resources function, touching all things people and culture. Prior to joiningPurple, Serena was the eleventh hire at Clyde Group, a full-service communications agency, where she executed client-facing communication strategies for HR tech firms and financial institutions while working internally to better the talent and culture practices of the growing agency. Prior, Serena worked in GMMB’s Talent & Culture department, honing her skills in human resources, recruitment, and internal communications. Serena is a proud double Hoya – she graduated from Georgetown University magna cum laude with a B.A. in Sociolinguistics and Biblical Literature and again with an M.A. in Linguistics. An Atlantan by birth, she speaks German and has lived in Bavaria and Alsace. Her two great loves are D.C.’s coffee shops and Bruce Springsteen.

“Starting my professional career client side taught me to bring an always-on attitude and strategic mindset to work every day. Purple Operations sees colleagues as clients, so maintaining the campaign-esc, problem-solving mindset is crucial.”

“Critical thinking gets all the limelight, but critical listening is just as important. What people say rarely reflects the entirety of what they mean. Where are the gaps? What information is missing? Why? The full story is often nuanced and complex, and deciphering what is left unsaid while analyzing what is can often be the real ticket to success.”

“I am the sum of my network of brilliant colleagues, mentors, and friends who selflessly share their lessons learned, opportunities for growth, and kindness. Being truly collaborative is intentional and personal, and it means climbing any ladder with one hand behind you to pull others up, too.”

“I remember how people describe their best friends. What people value in those they choose to spend time with speaks volumes to what they admire in others and often strive to be.”