Sarah Simmons

Sarah has been providing reputation management counsel to top global brands and associations for more than a decade. At Purple, she leverages that experience to deliver the insights that inform and drive successful reputation campaigns. Sarah is a political polling expert and strategist whose work includes leading strategy for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, and for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successful 2006 gubernatorial re-election campaign. She also had the opportunity to serve in the Office of Strategic Initiatives in the Bush White House. Over the course of her career Sarah has worked with countless local, state, national and international political and public affairs clients. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Political Science from American University in Washington, DC.

“In campaigns, insights are developed to move voters to your side. We follow the same principle at Purple by developing strategies to change how stakeholders see our clients. We activate campaigns based on what we learn. Research and insights never just sit on a shelf here.”

“I admire the fact that our clients desire to be better. They want the world to know what they’re doing to improve and how they’re tackling some of the most intractable problems.”

“We can miss the most essential parts of our clients’ stories if we don’t listen closely. We have to be patient and sometimes force ourselves to slow down just a beat, to fully appreciate what we need to see, hear and know. That’s a real skill.”

“Being forced to figure things out shaped me as a professional. Political campaigns are like startups. You have to build quickly – often with not much to go on. You get ahead by taking risks and just sort of relentlessly working a problem. That gives you the confidence to know that most things can be broken down and pretty much ‘figured out’.”