Rebecca Zdarsky

Rebecca Zdarsky is a Creative Director and Managing Director at Purple Strategies, where she works with clients on a mix of brand, reputation and advocacy campaigns, bringing strategies and narratives to life with creative concepts and executions ranging from digital and social to video and print. Her career has been built upon diverse experiences across the creative landscape, cultivating her passion for ideating, developing, and launching dynamic creative that influences people, drives action and inspires re-evaluation of existing thoughts and behaviors.

Rebecca is a multi-faceted, creative leader with 20 years experience in advertising, digital and activation agencies,  adept at uniting multiple strategies into one powerful creative campaign, unifying diverse talents to synchronize as one team, and partnering with clients as co-creators.

She has been privileged to develop work for Fortune 100 brands that span everything from Consumer Packaged Goods, to Communications and Technology, Beauty and Retail, as well as the U.S. Army.

“At the core of all rationally held beliefs are powerful emotions that can be challenged, influenced and changed by insightful creative ideas. An idea communicated simply and powerfully has the ability to change more than just minds, it can influence lives. That’s what I have the privilege to do every day at Purple – cultivate ideas that can change the trajectory of the way a person sees the world.”

“The pedigree of talent at Purple is diverse in background and all are experts within their discipline. Collectively, we are fortified and challenged by one other– that’s where Purple’s strength lies and what makes this a special place to work.”

“Thomas Edison once was quoted as saying, “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” And that is a lesson that has resonated with me, and has proven to be true at every step of my career. Nothing visionary or exciting or inspirational is ever easy. It is built with fortitude, grit, determination, creativity, and a lot of sleepless nights.”