Mia Prine

Mia started her career at Purple as an intern and now works as a campaign coordinator, supporting client teams in all aspects of campaign development from research to political strategy. Prior to joining Purple, she worked as a Marketing and Business Development Analyst for WorkCare Inc. and assisted in the implementation of COVID-19 testing and monitoring programs. As an undergraduate, Mia also worked as a research assistant for The Brookings Institution and RAND Corporation on legal and international policy development. Mia graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and focused on the intersection between global development policy and applied ethics. 

Diversity of thought and opinion is something I value both in my personal and professional life; it’s so important that any work you create is shaped by different voices, opinions and beliefs, which ultimately makes the final product stronger. This mindset and environment is what makes Purple such a special place to work, and ultimately, any strategy stronger and more adept for the current political landscape.  

The most fascinating aspect of my job is being able to do something new and different every day. As someone with a heavy political background, I’ve been able to learn so much about all things digital media, which has been both fun and rewarding.  

The Crisis Caravan’ by Linda Polman is by far the most influential and fascinating book I’ve ever read. Its compelling insight into the moral ambiguities and inefficacies in global humanitarian aid was the inspiration for my undergraduate thesis.