Melanie Wilcox

Melanie develops creative concepts and writes crisp copy for Purple Strategy’s clients. Prior to joining Purple, Melanie edited opinion pieces and wrote articles for The Daily Signal, The Heritage Foundation’s news website. She also conducted qualitative and quantitative research projects for Fortune 500 clients, political candidates and nonprofits as an associate at a boutique consulting firm. Melanie earned a Bachelor of Arts in government from Dartmouth College and a Master of Science in business journalism from Northwestern University. In her free time, Melanie enjoys cooking, hiking, biking, snow skiing and distance running

“My advice to someone just starting out in the business world would be to own your confidence and hone your communication skills. Both are the foundation to success in your career and in life.”

“The Godfather is one of my favorite books. Aside from its many witty lines and intriguing plot, Mario Puzo shows the importance of family and how Italians assimilated into American culture. I lived in Italy for several months while I was in high school, and I studied Italian in college. These experiences are why I enjoyed the book so much.”

“I notice people who ask thoughtful questions, which probably comes from my journalism background. Expressing genuine curiosity and inquisitiveness shows emotional intelligence and a real interest in connecting and understanding—the foundations of great relationships in business and in life.”