Kenia Zelaya

Kenia provides Purple’s clients with media monitoring intelligence and assists the firm’s campaign managers with content strategy across paid media efforts. Kenia joined Purple after a move from New York, where she helped develop and execute paid media plans for clients in the automotive industry.  Kenia is a graduate of George Mason University where she studied public relations and minored in business. Her fluency in Spanish enabled her to intern with Cuba’s first independent digital news source, where she managed their social media channels. She sees herself as a citizen of the world, viewing her work through a multi-cultural lens to help clients address issues facing different stakeholder groups.

“At Purple, no matter what challenges you face you’re never alone, you’re always working as a team. That’s so valuable when you’re in an environment where things are always changing and you have to constantly anticipate that change as you’re solving client challenges.”

“Purple has a unique formula to make you a better professional by growing you outward before growing you upward. Within our roles we can lead from our expertise, but we also get the chance to build our expertise beyond our roles.”

“The work at Purple demands great listening skills. Without that, you could miss hidden details that might reveal the most effective solution for a client need.”

“I’d tell people starting out that it’s alright to have a little fear. But use that fear to move you forward, rather than hold you back.”