Chris Dealy

Chris is an executive creative director. He has been with Purple since February, 2020. Prior to Purple, he was with J. Walter Thompson as the global executive creative director leading the Bayer Corporation, Kimberly Clark, Nestle Foods and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines accounts. Chris combines his strategic thinking, visual and writing skills with his years of experience to deliver break through communications for our clients. He is also a film and video director specializing in digital branded content and commercials. You can usually find him driving one of his four sons to some sort of practice or on the tennis court when not working.

“The amount of talent at Purple is staggering. The hard working, highly intelligent, dedicated people here set a high bar which is reflected in our work.”

“Working at the speed of culture, current events and politics. Never a dull moment and satisfying to see the immediate impact we create for our clients.”

“Great ideas can come from anywhere at any time from anyone. Always keep your eyes and ears open.”