Has the unthinkable happened to threaten your license to operate?

Is an unexpected outside influence creating new barriers for your business?

Or, are you at the point where you’re looking for a more unexpected way to move your business forward?

At Purple Strategies, we work at these critical intersections.

We help some of the largest brands

and organizations in the world

solve their toughest challenges.

The intersection
of red and blue
makes Purple.

So does the intersection of politics
and brands. Of business growth strategies and
public opinion. Of crisis and opportunity.

Our unique offering to clients is the ability
to deliver breakthrough strategic ideas
formed from intersecting perspectives.

And we activate those strategies with
politically-inspired campaigns that help
our clients win the "elections" they face
today - and over time.

What can a
Purple Strategy
do for you?

Fitzgerald famously said that there are no second acts.

We strongly disagree.

Because that’s what we do every day: help leading
companies worldwide reinvigorate their business
and rediscover the power of their purpose.

A Purple strategy puts you on an upward
trajectory, to help you ascend.