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At Purple and our brand management division Citizen2 we not only bring together different points-of-view – we’ve also assembled a team of professionals skilled in their individual disciplines. As a full-service public affairs firm, our clients can draw on the expertise they need for messaging and media. And with seamless collaboration across our core practice areas, Purple has the proven capacity to execute a comprehensive communications strategy for corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations and advocacy groups.

Advertising and Creative Development
Advertising and Creative Development

Purple has been in the thick of many major advertising battles in Washington and around the country in the last few years. From health care to energy, Purple has created effective, comprehensive advertising campaigns for our clients.

We inform with reason and persuade with emotion. We believe that advertising shouldn’t just deliver information; it should appeal to values. No media interpretation. No chance for a third party to dilute a message. Just the message – clearly and concisely delivered straight to audiences to produce results.

Our creative directors, graphic designers and producers have a depth of experience in both brand advertising and political advertising that is unique and unmatched by any other firm. Whether it’s broadcast or print, out-of-home or online, we have the talent to handle any challenge.

Our creative team is an integral part of client services, providing a fresh perspective on communications strategy and developing persuasive, creative advertising that helps our clients connect.

We also work closely with our affiliate partner, National Media Research Planning and Placement, the industry leader in media placement responsible for more than $400 million in television, radio, print and new media advertising over the last three years.

Research and Insights
Research and Insights

Purple Insights is our in-house group devoted to message and communications research, as well as strategy development and tactical implementation. Adept at rigorous, methodologically sophisticated research techniques, we translate data into crisp, effective messages that will resonate.

Our research experts combine best practices from political campaigns, advocacy efforts and corporate marketing to determine the right strategic approach from the start and enable our clients to monitor progress and make critical mid-course corrections.

We work seamlessly with client teams to ensure that communications are as effective as possible and provide opinion research and strategic counsel to some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Services include:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Opinion polling
  • Ad testing
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis


Our team also produces the PurplePoll, which has become the definitive source on the political implications in 12 key swing states. The poll follows leading political indicators, tracks new issues as they emerge and offers original insight.

The PurplePoll has built a reputation for unbiased and cutting edge polling and analysis. It has been cited on television, in print, and online by sources that span the political spectrum.

Government Affairs
Government Affairs

When your organization is impacted by public policy, Purple Advocacy, our government affairs team, knows how to work within the fabric of our federal government to advance the best policy outcomes.

While the traditional Washington advocacy model has relied on access and process, our approach to government affairs is different. We specialize in building high-impact, campaign-style advocacy for your issues and your organization. Our solutions coordinate closely with the corporate responsibility, branding and advocacy campaigns we manage.

Our advanced knowledge base allows us to create dynamic multi-platform advocacy that changes your interaction with Washington policymakers. Using this dynamic model, we can solve difficult legislative and regulatory challenges.

The veteran Democratic and Republican strategists on our team have served in the policy and political arenas at the highest levels. From Capitol Hill to presidential campaigns to running cutting-edge strategic advocacy groups, our team has a reputation for changing the conversation and ultimately the outcome.

Services include:

  • Legislative strategy
  • Policy analysis and development
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring
  • Member education
  • Coalition building
  • Political donation strategies
  • Coalition and trade association management
Citizen2: Brand and Reputation Management
Citizen2: Brand and Reputation Management

Today, more than ever, companies and their brands are more than simply financial entities or assets to be managed.  They’re citizens, too.  And their ability to thrive can depend in large part on how fully they embrace the idea of good citizenship – and all it implies.

Managing the way a company is viewed is not a corporate reputation strategy.  It’s a business strategy.  And today, companies are looking for ways to tell their side of the story. To provide balance to conversations. To keep customers’ trust, investors’ confidence and the public’s permission to operate their business freely. To protect the brands that have taken years, sometimes decades, to build. And to realize the unique business-building opportunities that lie at the complex intersection of reputation and public opinion.

Our Citizen² team consists of seasoned experts from the worlds of both brand building and political campaigns – bringing together the unique skills required for companies and brands to proactively manage one of their most valuable assets: the way their character is perceived among key consumers, stakeholders and policymakers.

Digital Communications
Digital Communications

People are talking about you online. These discussions are shaping your reputation, affecting your advocacy, influencing your target audiences. And your success increasingly relies on analyzing these conversations, engaging with the thought leaders driving them, and building a network of grassroots supporters.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art Social Media Situation Room, our team evaluates trends, identifies influence, and monitors sentiment around the topics relevant to our clients. We then take our findings and implement comprehensive digital campaigns at the speed of politics.

We specialize in building movements without wasting time chasing the latest online gimmick. And, to keep our clients ahead of the evolving technological landscape, we employ best-in-class interactive design and video production capabilities; a focus on real-time analytics and reporting; as well as the agility and responsiveness to surpass your expectations.

Services include:

  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Online advertising, including display, rich media, search and social components
  • Website design and development
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Web video production
  • Email marketing

Our bipartisan grassroots team channels individual energy to create the real power needed to affect policy change. Purple Grassroots raises the profile of issues and gives constituents a megaphone to communicate with leaders at the local, state and federal levels.

Our team has the ability to mobilize and energize both an online and in-person grassroots organization willing to take action. These efforts are designed to create an echo chamber to apply pressure to target audiences and affect change.

Our approach is to personalize the issue. When constituents feel connected to a movement, they will energize around an issue. But this doesn’t happen overnight. We work with our clients to create the right grassroots infrastructure before a fight arises.

By integrating grassroots into the overall campaign framework, we help companies and organizations maximize their ability to enact change while also minimizing exposure to criticism and attacks.

Purple Grassroots brings the expertise of some of the nation’s veteran Democratic and Republican campaign managers and political operatives to the corporate campaign world. Our experience organizing at all levels in all fifty states and on both sides of the aisle can build and manage an authentic grassroots ground force.

Strategic Communications and Media Relations
Strategic Communications and Media Relations

Purple Strategies takes into account operating environments, the political landscape, social trends and recent economic developments when developing strategic frameworks and media campaigns.

We develop targeted and nimble campaigns that are capable of successfully reaching target audiences and impacting debates even when unexpected legislative, regulatory or business challenges arise.

On the media front, our team provides strategic counsel to companies facing an increasingly complicated media environment. We maintain relationships with media elites, reporters, producers and bloggers to help advance key issues in both traditional and new media sources. We work to build awareness of our client’s positions, mitigate negative stories and position our clients as trusted media resources.

Our media relations team has extensive experience covering the White House, Capitol Hill and major industries and working with the top journalists in both business and politics. From managing a crisis that is played out in the nightly news and headlines on a daily basis to helping a trade association insert an issue into the national dialogue, we have extensive experience in meeting a range of media relations goals.

Services include:

  • Media training
  • Media targeting
  • Proactive media outreach
  • Rapid response
  • Third party outreach
  • Opinion editorial placement
  • Material development

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