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Our wide range of backgrounds and experiences make Purple unique. Here’s our blog celebrating our different perspectives with original, insightful prose on today’s constantly changing world.

Blog July 09, 2014

Interning at Purple Strategies

Purple Seasonal Associate Ryan Pallas writes about his experience with our internship program.

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Ryan Pallas


Blog June 20, 2014

Purple Selected as one of Washington's Top Places to Work

We are very happy to share that Purple Strategies has been selected as one of the “Top Workplaces of 2014″ by the Washington Post.

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Purple Strategies


Blog June 20, 2014

Crisis Management: Keep Calm and Act Decisively

Joe Abbey describes what he’s learned about managing a crisis, mainly, to keep calm and act decisively.

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Joe Abbey

Blog May 29, 2014

The Truth about Talking to the Media

As a reformed journalist, Ieva helps Purple’s clients prepare for interviews and talking with the media.

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Ieva M. Augstums

Blog May 14, 2014

Welcome to the New Home of Purple Strategies

After months of thinking, creating, meeting and developing – we’re happy to invite you into our new online home.

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Purple Strategies


Blog May 13, 2014

Crowdfunding as a Brand Strategy: Connecting Around a Cause

Engaging and connecting with the consumer are increasingly important to brands, and crowdfunding campaigns are one of the many creative ways to successfully interact with consumers and potential consumers.

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Laura Hinson

Blog April 14, 2014

Blurred Lines: Cole Haan and the Federal Trade Commission

The FTC has engaged in an admirable (though largely ineffectual) struggle to regulate the blurring of lines catalyzed by brands’ increasing use of social media as a marketing tool.

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Stephanie Chan

Blog March 25, 2014

Digital Political Advertising in the Age of Cultural ADD

Society has evolved a set of peculiarities alongside the growth of entertainment technology, which cause our attention to be fractured across many different screens, all with differing capabilities, limitations, and effectiveness.

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Andrew Olson

Blog February 26, 2014

My Journey to Purple

I remember when the first McDonald’s opened its doors in Santa Marta, my hometown in Colombia, in late 2008. I was a senior in high school and throughout that year I had my fair share of Colombian style McFlurries (Milo and caramel). It never would’ve crossed my mind that one day I would be working for a firm that actually advises some of the world’s most iconic companies– brands that I grew up with– on their business and public affairs.

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Francisco Martinez

Blog January 30, 2014

New PurplePoll: The NH primaries, and a tie for Shaheen? The MA gov’s race, and MUCH more…

To commemorate the opening of Purple Strategies’ Boston office, today we are releasing PurplePolls of voters in New Hampshire and Massachusetts at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University. In both states, voters still care about jobs, jobs, jobs.

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Doug Usher

Managing Partner, Purple Insights

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