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Shaking the Internet

By Bradley Engle

Right after today’s 5.9 magnitude earthquake we started tracking aftershocks. I’m not talking about seismic activity, I’m talking online conversation. As of 2:48 pm, there were 743,000 online posts mentioning “earthquake” according to our analysis of Radian6 data. Not surprisingly, 96.7% of the public conversation took place on Twitter.

The word cloud below visualizes the 50 most prominent words from the conversations. Interestingly enough, all cell providers showed up as people complained that they had no service:

With people feeling the shaking as far west as Colorado, it’s not surprising the quake was trending on the West Coast, and, if our office was any indication, Californians were not impressed with a 5.9. The following image courtesy of shows the national reach:

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*8/23/11 9:40PM NOTE: As stated above, this post only analyzes public conversations. As a result, a significant portion of Facebook posts are not included because of privacy settings.

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