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Pick Up The Phone

By Craig Kirchoff

April 3rd was our anniversary and you didn’t even call.  Well, OK you probably did.

On April 3, 1973, the first public cell phone call was made.  As someone who remembers car phones that required sacrificing half your trunk space to a warm, humming box of electronics, it’s hard to believe how fast the mobile world has developed.  And it still has a long way to go.

App stores, QR codes, Near Field Communications … keeping up with the latest in the mobile market is like trying to figure out what Lady Gaga looks like.  By the time you start to get close, it’s already too late.

But you can’t give up.

Organizations who still lack a mobile strategy do so at their own risk.  Consumers have raised their expectations.  They expect to access information about organizations from their phone whenever they need to.  Furthermore, they assume they interact with organizations via the mobile web whenever they need to.

Look, not every organization needs a multimillion dollar mobile effort.  And of course, no one mobile strategy works for every situation.  Not every organization or politician needs a custom iPhone app.  In many cases, a mobile website is a better answer.   And location-based marketing brings in more business for a coffee shop than it does for, say, a cardiologist (I pray).

But the point is, organizations, retailers and politicians DO need a strategy.  After all, 38 years is a lot of lost time.

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