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My Tweets Do Not Reflect the Views of My Employer*

By Bradley Engle

Are these 49 characters a waste of your 160 character allotment for your Twitter bio? I suspect so, because if I tweet something outrageous or offensive, those 49 characters are not a firewall from getting fired, or even from a client firing my employer for that matter. Just look at Rashard Mendenhall whose tweets were seen as a little too sympathetic to Osama Bin Laden. Had he had a “tweets don’t reflect the views of my endorsers” disclaimer, would he have lost his endorsements? Absolutely.

As the movie “The Social Network” points out, the internet is “written in ink.” It would have been useless for Rashard Mendenhall to delete his controversial tweets. His tweets had already been screencapped by journalists and retweeted by followers.

The “Purple People” Twitter widget on our site is designed to showcase the fact that Purple is a bipartisan firm, not hide from the fact that employees are people and people have political views. Since we added the widget, I’ve found myself asking “should this tweet be on the Purple site” before I hit “Tweet.” So the widget serves an important purpose- think before you tweet. Because while the tweets in the “Purple People” widget do not represent the views of Purple, the individual tweeters remain representatives of the firm.

Are Twitter disclaimers smart? Let me know what you think.

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